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Episode 7: Let's Talk about Sensory Health with Dr. Cavaliere

Listen to Episode 7: Let's Talk about Sensory Health with Dr. Cavaliere

Your host, Sarah, sits down with Dr. Cathy Cavaliere and discusses the topic of sensory health.  Dr. Cavaliere is not only a pioneer in this area, but she is breaking down the barriers as to what we as OT practitioners can do with our sensory processing knowledge.  

Dr. Cavaliere is assistant professor in the Occupational Therapy Program at Dominican College where she teaches both research courses the Adolescence course. Dr. Cavaliere graduated from Quinnipiac College’s Occupational Therapy Program in 1998. She received her PhD in Health Science from Seton Hall University in 2010. Her doctoral work involved investigating the physiologic components of sensory processing disorders (vagal tone) and the differences in the physiologic responses to sensation in children with autism and typically developing children.

Dr. Cavaliere has been a practicing clinician for over 20 years and has spent 15 of those working in pediatrics in various settings including schools, early intervention and community based clinics. She opened her own private practice in 2014 where she serves children and adolescents with sensory processing disorders and their families. She spends much of her clinical time coaching and empowering families to become self- aware and self- confident both as individuals, and as a family unit.

Dr. Cavaliere’s unique approach to working with families and individuals combines a sensory informed perspective along with a polyvagal informed perspective. The combination has shaped her thought and her approach intervention.

Dr. Cavaliere has completed Mentorship Level 1 &2 and the Research Mentorship at the STAR center for sensory processing disorders. She is currently an instructor in training with STAR center. She has lectured extensively to various audiences including scholars, colleagues, teachers and parents, on sensory processing and related topics.

Dr. Cavaliere is passionate about the role of sensory health in overall health and well-being. She is spearheading a Sensory Health clinic at Dominican College. The mission of this clinic is to increase awareness of the importance of sensory health in well-being and the impact that sensory processing can have on supporting mental and physical health among college students. In addition, this clinic will serve undergraduate students on a one to one basis who are at risk for academic failure or mental health challenges. Further, Dr. Cavaliere is conducting an expansive critically appraised topic on the role of sensory processing in health and well-being including the role of sensory

processing in mental health, physical health, resilience, relationships, self-actualization, addiction and incarceration. This will be presented as a short course at the 2020 AOTA National Conference in Boston.

Episode 6: ClinicalHQ

Listen to Episode 6: ClinicalHQ

In today's episode I take some time to talk with Jesse Madera who is the co-founder and Vice President of ClinicalHQ.  Jesse Madera is an Occupational Therapist from San Diego, California.  He started his career at Rady Children’s Hospital doing inpatient acute work prior to transitioning to home health care.  He worked at the largest non-hospital affiliated home health company in California for 6 years, first as a treating clinician, then a rehab lead, then as a rehab manager, and eventually as a program director.

Jesse helped bring about over 300% census growth to the assisted living side of the home health business and now does healthcare consulting to hospitals, home health and hospice companies, and assisted living communities.

He has spoken to thousands of seniors throughout California about healthy aging and preserving function despite illness, injury, or age related decline. Jesse cofounded ClinicalHQ because he felt clinicians were too burdened by paperwork and often unsupported--which ultimately left patients high and dry.  Jesse’s mission is to help transform the average clinician’s life through technology that empowers clinicians of all disciplines to enjoy their jobs again, provide great care, and have minimal paperwork!

Episode 5: A unique vision for mental health with Justin Teerlinck

Listen to Episode 5: A unique vision for mental health with Justin Teerlinck

On episode 5 of The Innovative OT, Justin Teerlinck, a mental health occupational therapist, entrepreneur, and author, sits down with host Sarah Anderson and shares his experience working in various mental health settings, his experience starting his own private practice, and vision for the field of OT.  Justin is an extremely accomplished person having started several inpatient mental health programs.  Additionally, he has created his own therapeutic intervention, and has authored several books.   

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Episode 4: Childhood trauma and my time at a child advocacy center

Listen to Episode 4: Childhood trauma and my time at a child advocacy center

Episode 4 is all about my time at the child advocacy center. I share with you all about the different individuals I worked with, strategies and interventions I used, and my vision for OT’s role in treating childhood trauma. In future episodes I will share with you all how to develop and integrate trauma –informed/trauma-responsive evaluations, assessments, and strategies/interventions into your own practice.  Show notes can be found at

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Episode 3: Finding Gaps in Service with Bethany Dejarnatt

Listen to Episode 3: Finding Gaps in Service with Bethany Dejarnatt

Today's guest Bethany Dejarnatt, MOT, OTR/L shares her passion for pediatric OT and why she started her own business/online courses geared towards parent empowerment.  Bethany is a pediatric occupational therapist, yoga enthusiast, and coffee lover!  She has been based out of Phoenix, Arizona for the past several years but is currently making her way to Salem, Oregon (quite literally-she is making her move as I am typing this).   If you have any interest in starting up your own pediatric OT practice/online courses this is the episode for you!

Episode 2: What defines role emerging OT?

Listen to Episode 2: What defines role emerging OT?

This episode explores the definition of role emerging OT! The most basic way to explain what role emerging practice looks like is--- these are areas where OT is not currently a service provided. This does not mean you have to 100% change up what you are already doing, but you are venturing out and offering a service in an industry where OT is currently not a typical provider. Role emerging areas of practice don’t just focus on disease management and rehabilitation but instead they also focus on illness prevention, increase overall wellness, and policy change.  If you want to learn more tune in!

Episode 1: What's Your Vision

Listen to Episode 1: What's Your Vision

Hey there OTs!  How many of you dream about starting your own business, or practicing in a role-emerging setting.  How many of you work in academia and want to explore adding role emerging fieldwork experiences to your program?  How many of you dream of developing your own program dedicated to a population that typically wouldn't be able to access our services?  If any of these questions have sparked your interest this is the podcast for you!  Hello everyone!  This is your host Dr. Sarah Anderson, OTD, OTR/L, and I am so excited to get this show on the road!  In today's episode I am going to give you a very brief insight into what is to come on this podcast.  I will take sometime to introduce myself, explain why I started this podcast, and why I am such a supporter of role emerging and role enhancing areas of practice.  So come one-press play-I know you want to! ;)

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