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A Community of Practice for People Interested in Certified Hand Therapy (Episode 73)

Listen to A Community of Practice for People Interested in Certified Hand Therapy (Episode 73)Hoang ("Wong") Tran - a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) and the owner of Hands-on Therapy Services and the online community of practice CHT Secrets - has been practicing as an OT for about 20 years. She started Hands-on Therapy Services about 6 years ago in an effort to help more people with hand and arm injuries be more active and pain free while avoiding pills, injections, and surgery. As a CHT, she also helps a lot of people after surgery get the best possible outcome.

Hoang has always been in education in one form or another; when she started her private practice, she saw a need to create a community for OT's that want to specialize in hand therapy. Through the community she has established since through CHT Secrets, she seeks to provide coaching and mentorship for others who want to navigate the specialty practice area of hand therapy.

Hoang's YouTube Channel and her Instagram page can be found by searching CHT Secrets or by visiting the podcast website,, where you can also find out how to connect with her.

Arthritis Life (Episode 72)

Listen to Arthritis Life (Episode 72)Cheryl Crow is an occupational therapist who has lived with rheumatoid arthritis for 16 years. In 2019 she created a video and social media channel called Arthritis Life to educate, empower and inspire patients with arthritis and their providers. On Arthritis Life, she shares life hacks from the OT perspective, patient stories, provider interviews, and product reviews in a fun, talk show-style format.

Cheryl has volunteered for the Arthritis Foundation in numerous educational and advocacy events, including speaking at the Juvenile Arthritis Conference, KAT-FISH camp for kids and families with arthritis, and many adult-focused arthritis events. While attending many arthritis focused events, in addition to participating in social media groups focused on rheumatoid arthritis, she observed a huge unmet need for patients to have help in navigating simple daily activities.

She performed independent qualitative research on the discussion content of disease-specific Facebook groups, which showed that patients were spending the most time talking about IADLs (instrumental activities of daily living) and mental health/coping skills in these groups. She presented this research at the WFOT conference as well as the national rheumatology conference in 2015.

Arthritis Life was born out of her interest in finding fun, creative ways to address the unmet needs of patients with arthritis and related rheumatic conditions.

Cheryl graduated with her Masters in Occupational Therapy from Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA in 2012. For the following 8 years she focused her professional work on pediatric developmental disabilities in outpatient and school settings in the greater Seattle, WA area as well as Shanghai, China. She started teaching as an adjunct faculty member at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology's OTA program in 2016 and she greatly enjoys educating the future workforce of OT practitioners.

For more information including how to connect with Cheryl, go to

Addressing Test Anxiety (Episode 71)

Listen to Addressing Test Anxiety (Episode 71)David Puder, MD, is a physician who practices medicine as a psychiatrist. David hosts a podcast called the Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Podcast and has an interest in helping students overcome test anxiety. On this episode, David talks about how test anxiety can serve as a barrier for people who are trying to get into occupational therapy (OT) school as well as for those in OT school and OT students who are preparing to take the certification exam and strategies that have been found effective in addressing text anxiety.

To learn more about the show and to connect with David, go to

Occupational Therapy as Part of Deaf Education (Episode 70)

Listen to Occupational Therapy as Part of Deaf Education (Episode 70)Maureen Warden has been an occupational therapist for 23 years. After earning a bachelor's degree in health science from SUNY Cortland in central New York, she completed a master's in occupational therapy at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Her early career was in a general hospital setting, working primarily within the inpatient and stroke population. As part of that hospital position, she was sent to the Intermediary Unit near the hospital in which she worked to provide school based services. From that point on, Maureen's focus has been school-based therapy services. She is a veteran member of an interdisciplinary team in a program for children with hearing loss. On a personal front, her life is busy with an active family of five; she and her husband of 25 years have raised our three now-adult children in rural northwest New Jersey and the whole family enjoys all things outdoors.

On this episode, Maureen discusses her work as an OT in a school for deaf children.

Providing Occupational Therapy Services for the LGBTQIA+ Community (Episode 69)

Listen to Providing Occupational Therapy Services for the LGBTQIA+ Community (Episode 69)Michelle Finet is an occupational therapist who has worked with children and youth for over 20 years specializing in the areas of sensory integration and autism. She has worked with clients with a wide range of diagnoses including but not limited to Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, torticollis, developmentally delays, brachial plexus injuries, cognitive impairment, muscular dystrophy, and attention deficit disorder.

Michelle has experience running a company providing therapy services through a contract with the state of Arizona as well as working as an ergonomics consultant in multiple settings. She currently teaches full-time in the OT program at Touro University in Henderson, Nevada. Her research focuses on how OT can be more involved with working with and providing services to members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and she provides services one day per week in a primary care clinic focused on serving that community.

On this episode, Michelle talks about how she became interested in working with individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community and shares about the role of OT in providing occupational therapy services for people in this context. For more information about how to connect with Michelle, go to

Brachial Plexus Injury (Episode 68)

Listen to Brachial Plexus Injury (Episode 68)Meghann Rose has been a pediatric OT for almost 14 years. Her first 12 years were spent working at a Children's Hospital in Rochester, NY, where she helped establish a team-based approach to occupational therapy in the NICU and where she focused on infant feeding, positioning and transition to home.

In 2007, Meg and neurologist Jennifer Kwon established the Brachial Plexus Outpatient Clinic and in 2011 they received a grant to develop a protocol for care of infants with brachial plexus injuries and a referral system.

In 2017, Meg transitioned from the hospital setting to private practice, and she now works in an outpatient clinic as part of a feeding team and with infants with brachial plexus injuries. In addition, she works with children and families as part of the Early Intervention system. She has published an article on feeding and another on brachial plexus injuries. Meg is also a mom to three kids ages 10, 8 and 4 and participates in hobbies that include photography and volunteering with the local ambulance core.

On this episode, Meg shares about her path into OT and as a specialist in BPI, and she discusses the different types of BPI and how each is addressed via the protocol. To connect with Meg, go to

Product Creation & Development in the Field of Occupational Therapy (Episode 67)

Listen to Product Creation & Development in the Field of Occupational Therapy (Episode 67)Polly Benson, OTR/L, is a licensed occupational therapist with 28 years of experience treating patients in multiple settings. She currently works for Comprehensive Therapy Consultants in Atlanta, GA as a school based OT. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University. Polly has extensive experience in technology apps and strategies designed to assist clients for achieving therapy goals. She is a distinguished therapist and seasoned continuing education instructor. She volunteers at her local high school as the theater troupe Booster Club President, and at her church as a high school small group leader.

Recently Polly invented a new product called the Legi-Liner to help students with improving their handwriting. On this episode, she talks about how she got the idea for that innovation and gives tips to others who may also be interested in product creation and development.

Polly's product can be purchased via her website, To access other resources mentioned in the interview and to contact Polly, go to

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Promoting Sleep (Episode 66)

Listen to The Role of Occupational Therapy in Promoting Sleep (Episode 66)Susan Masie, OTR/L, is an occupational therapist and CEO & Founder of Pediatric Therapies. She graduated from Quinnipiac College (now Quinnipiac University) in Hamden, Connecticut in 1983. While having early experience in adult acute care, rehab, and home health, Susan has specialized in pediatrics for more than 30 years. She began her pediatric career in schools and home care, eventually moving to private practice. With the desire to truly make a difference in the lives of children and families, she opened Pediatric Therapies in August of 2005. Focusing on excellence in all areas, from the facility, to staff, to programming, Pediatric Therapies has become one of the largest, most renowned therapy clinics for children in Tennessee.

Susan has earned her Certificate of Completion for administering and interpreting the SIPT (Sensory Integration and Praxis Test) and has completed advanced training/mentorships in the area of sensory processing disorders and sensory integration therapy. She has also earned specialty certification as a provider for The Listening Program and iLs and is trained in the Sequential Oral Sensory Approach to feeding. In addition to her extensive training and expertise in sensory processing, Susan also has a great deal of experience working with children with autism spectrum and behavioral disorders. Other areas of clinical expertise include working with children with neurodevelopmental disorders, genetic disorders, learning disabilities, sensory feeding issues, and emotional and behavioral challenges.

Susan is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, but moved to Brentwood from Connecticut with her husband, Steve, in 1989. She has 3 grown children, Ally, Steve, and Nick and now has 2 beautiful granddaughters, Josie and Gracyn. She loves to spend time with family and friends and Susan and her family are huge Predator hockey fans, attending every home game. Go Preds!

On this episode, Susan talks about common reasons for sleep challenges in children and the successful components of sleep. She discusses quality versus quantity with regards to sleep and the importance of a bedtime routine. In addition, she shares about how to address specific sleep problems and how OTs can work with the family of children with sleep problems. For information about the resources and recommendations mentioned on this episode and to connect with Susan, visit

Narrative Medicine & Theater-based Initiatives in Education & Clinical Care (Episode 65)

Listen to Narrative Medicine & Theater-based Initiatives in Education & Clinical Care (Episode 65)Narrative medicine is an approach that used in clinical practice, research, and education to promote growth, learning, and/or healing through the use of story (or narrative). That story may be communicated in a variety of ways, including through the use of theater, and that's what the guest on this episode has done in her work as an occupational therapist and an occupational therapy educator.

Sally Wasmuth, PhD, OTR, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Occupational Therapy, School of Health and Human Sciences at Indiana University, Indianapolis. She has a background in African-American Studies, Philosophical Studies of Biology, and Occupational Therapy. Her research focuses on translational and implementation science, particularly in the areas of occupation-based intervention for addictive disorders and dual-diagnosis. Sally is involved in several arts-based recovery initiatives, including the use of theatre as both a therapeutic intervention and a means of stimulating community conversations on critical topics including the opioid crisis and healthcare inequities related to race and gender.

To access the resources discussed on this episode or to find out how to get in touch with Sally, go to

Purpose Therapy Box (Episode 64)

Listen to Purpose Therapy Box (Episode 64)Ali Isso and Holly Masters are both Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTAs) who work with the older adult population in nursing homes and hospitals.

Through their work, Ali and Holly have observed depression and loneliness, which are overwhelmingly prevalent with older adults and which have been linked to loss of independence, decreased motivation, and social withdrawal. In fact, according to the CDC, approximately 7 million adults over 65 experience depressive symptoms each year. Additionally, 60% of adults in long term care facilities do not receive visitors often, whether it be because their family is busy or lives out of town.

To address these problems, Ali and Holly co-Founded Purpose Therapy Box, a gift box subscription service that allows for the delivery of useful products that inspire positivity and enhance quality of life through personalized products designed to encourage independence, improve well-being, and overall health.

Both Ali and Holly are graduates of the Pennsylvania State University Occupational Therapy Assistant program as well as the Human Development and Family Studies Program. Ali works with the older adult population in both the hospital and SNF setting. Ali says that she has always had a passion for the older adult population and while doing her clinical rotations in OT school, she realized that so much more could and needs to be done. Holly works as a COTA in a skilled nursing facility in northwestern PA and a rehabilitation hospital in northeast Ohio. Her passion is working with the older adult population as she recognizes that they have the best stories and remind me to cherish the little things in life. Holly is a dog mamma to two beautiful Boston Terriers: Betsy and Eloise, and she loves growing plants/trees!

Ali and Holly started their company, Purpose Therapy Box, in June 2018 as a way to keep families connected and send functional items and with therapy box themes to remind our older loved ones they are not forgotten.

On this episode, the founders of Purpose Therapy Box have an exciting announcement to share! To connect with Ali and Holly, to purchase a therapy box, and to access resources mentioned on this episode, visit

A Mobile Clinic: The Sensory Bus! (Episode 63)

Listen to A Mobile Clinic: The Sensory Bus! (Episode 63)Erin Grujic has been an occupational therapist for 19 years. She had a dream many years ago about having a mobile sensory clinic to rural communities in Southern Alberta. Two years ago, she started working as an OT practitioner in the private sector and then one year ago was able to bring her dream to life through the creation of a mobile sensory integration clinic, which she says aligns well with her passion for working with children and their families by bringing the clinic to them rather than requiring the families to travel long distances to get services. Erin received her SIPT certification in 2009.

On this episode, Erin shares about her quest to build the sensory bus and to bring OT services to the community via this platform. She talks about funding issues, marketing, and the use of the sensory bus as a therapeutic tool in working with her clients and others. To find out how to connect with Erin and to access the resources mentioned on this episode, go to

Finding Balance as an Occupational Therapist via an Alternative Career Format (Episode 62)

Listen to Finding Balance as an Occupational Therapist via an Alternative Career Format (Episode 62)Occupational therapist Becca McCaskey, MOT, OTR/L, grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, and attended UT-Knoxville to earn an undergrad degree in Therapeutic Recreation. She completed her Master's degree in Occupational Therapy in 2015 at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis and then began her career working in outpatient private pediatric therapy. After recognizing some of the signs of overwhelm in attempting to juggle the demands of work and home and even of early burnout in herself, she took time off from work to stay home with her young children.

In 2018, Becca discovered teletherapy and she has been working in that specialty area of OT practice since that time. She has found that as an alternative career format, working in telehealth allows her to stay active as an occupational therapy practitioner while allowing for the flexibility she needs at this point in her life. As an OT, Becca is passionate about working with children of all ages and stages to help them reach their full potential and especially dedicated to helping those children who sometimes "fall through the cracks" due to a "hidden" disability or lack of resources. On this episode, Becca talks about the burnout that seems to be becoming increasingly prevalent amount healthcare providers, the importance finding balance in one's life in order to provide the highest quality of care to clients possible, and the perks of telehealth as an alternative to the traditional format of a career in occupational therapy.

The Connection Between Nature and Children's Health and Wellbeing (Episode 61)

Listen to The Connection Between Nature and Children's Health and Wellbeing (Episode 61)Rebecca Kadowaki is an occupational therapist who has developed an evidence-based toolkit connecting contact with nature and executive functioning in pediatrics as part of the work she's doing in the post-professional OTD program in which she is enrolled at Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Becca has developed a resource called "Nature + Occupational Therapy" which is a toolkit for executive function in children, which she has generously shared as a free, open-market resource. On this episode, Becca talks about her path into the field of OT, her interest in the link between development, health and wellbeing and nature, research on how and why nature benefits children's executive function, and ideas for incorporating contact with nature into practice and into daily life.

For a list of resources mentioned in the interview, to subscribe to the podcast, or to find out how to connect with host Stephanie Lancaster or guest Becca Kadowaki, go to

Trailblazing in Rehabilitation in China (Episode 60)

Listen to Trailblazing in Rehabilitation in China (Episode 60)Physical therapist Karen Malone, an expert in stroke and stroke rehab after over 30 years in practice, is the guest on this episode of On The Air. In the interview, Karen reminisces about her days in PT school and her first job as a PT working at a small Southern California hospital in stroke rehab. She talks about her experiences in stroke rehab Tijuana and China where she worked for 20 years and where she created opportunities to use physical therapy in a province where no one knew about physical therapy. Now residing in St. Paul, MN, with her son who was adopted from China, Karen is a delightful storyteller who highlights the challenges and the triumphs of being a trailblazer in the rehab field in China. To access the resources discussed on the show or to connect with Karen, visit the podcast website at

Promoting Inclusion Through Books for Children (Episode 59)

Listen to Promoting Inclusion Through Books for Children (Episode 59)Karen Dobyns is an occupational therapist who lives in Southern California. She loves pediatrics and mental health and is adjunct faculty in an occupational therapy assistant college program. Karen was interviewed about her path into the field of occupational therapy on Episode 10 in January 2018 and is back to talk about her experiences in writing a children's book centered around the concept of inclusion (and OT!). She talks about how she came up with the idea for her book "The Centipede Who Couldn’t Tie His Shoes" and what she learned during the process of writing and publishing. The episode is ripe with resources and suggestions; for more information and to access the resources discussed in the interview, visit

Telehealth as a Service Delivery Model in Occupational Therapy (Episode 58)

Listen to Telehealth as a Service Delivery Model in Occupational Therapy (Episode 58)Kami Bible is an occupational therapist who specializes in school-based occupational therapy delivered via teletherapy. In addition to a degree in OT from Newman University in Wichita, KS, Kami also holds a Master's degree in Business Administration. She has experience working in the field as an Allied Health Recruiter for a large hospital system in Oklahoma City, a national presenter for the Bureau of Education and Research and with Learning Without Tears, and a school-based OT both in the traditional, brick & mortar sense and through eLuma, an online therapy company.

On this episode, Kami shares about her path in the field of OT, including her work in emerging areas of practice such as telehealth. She talks about challenges in and the upside of telehealth discusses the topic of telehealth in comparison to telemedicine and telerehab.

For more information about telehealth in occupational therapy or to connect with Kami, visit

Learning in the Field (Episode 57)

Listen to Learning in the Field (Episode 57)As third-year OT students preparing to graduate from the Master's level program at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN, Chelsea Chandler Holden and Caroline Montague share about a unique experience in the field that both say really helped to shape their learning as future OT practitioners. Both Chelsea and Caroline volunteered at an event called Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM) held at Vanderbilt University in Nashville in January 2019. On this episode, we talk about how an experience like TOM can serve as a significant professional learning development opportunity for OT students and practitioners.

To learn more about the TOM initiative, visit
For more information about the TOM event (past or future) at Vanderbilt, check out their Facebook page at

Innovating to Fill a Gap (Episode 56)

Listen to Innovating to Fill a Gap (Episode 56)Jason Gonzales is an occupational therapist and an innovator with experience in product and software development and production. Jason graduated from The Ohio State University in 2001 with a bachelors degree in Occupational therapy. From a clinical standpoint, most of his experience has been in the school setting with some experience in mental health and SNF. Jason has worked in school districts in NY, HI, CA, MA, and NJ. He currently lives with his wife and two children in NJ. He has started two companies (Innovative Therapy Solutions and Double Time Docs), holds one patent and is currently working on production of the new pencil grip.

On this episode, Jason shares about how he became an entrepreneur and talks about how ideas can be turned into products. Resources mentioned during the interview and Jason's contact information can be accessed at

Universal Design (Episode 55)

Listen to Universal Design (Episode 55)Have you seen the post making the rounds on social media of the photo of a man in a wheelchair and a baby in an infant carrier in a parking lot with shopping carts blocking the sidewalk between the entrance of the store and the parked vehicles? The post also contains a link to an article on Medium entitled "The Day My Two-Month Old and Husband Blew Up the Internet," which was written by occupational therapist Sarah Pruett.

Sarah is married to Scott, the man in the photo, and the couple have a baby. Together, they founded and run a nonprofit organization based in Virginia called The Universal Project Design which is dedicated to designing universally accessible homes. In their line of work and as a couple living with a disability - Scott sustained a C-6 level SCI 20 years ago - accessibility (and the lack thereof) is something they deal with regularly. "Barriers like this are everywhere and until you experience yourself or take the time to understand someone else’s perspective, you just won’t get it," says Sarah.

On this episode, Sarah and Scott talk about the nonprofit they created and share their insight about the need for universal design and improved accessibility and inclusiveness in the U.S. They discuss the website they created - - where information about home modification and home features designed to improve safety and function for individuals with disabilities can be found, and they talk about how OT students and practitioners can widen their perspective to become true advocates for people with challenges related to accessibility.

The article on Medium can be accessed here:

To access the resources mentioned in the interview and to connect with Sarah and Scott, visit the podcast website at

A Dual Perspective: A Career Pathway from Occupational Therapy Assistant to Occupational Therapist (Episode 54)

Listen to A Dual Perspective: A Career Pathway from Occupational Therapy Assistant to Occupational Therapist (Episode 54)Jill Gebhard, MS, OTR/L, is an occupational therapist (OT) who currently practices at Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI, where she holds the position of Senior Occupational Therapist. Jill's primary areas of concentration in her practice as an OT have been inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation focused on the neurological population. She also has a special interest in stroke, concussion, dementia, Parkinson's, Functional Neurological Disorder and visual deficits. Jill has completed advanced training and holds a specialty certification in low vision through ACVREP, LSVT BIG for Parkinson's, and in the use of the Interactive Metronome. In addition, she has assisted in the development of driving, low vision and cognitive programs and currently serves as an adjunct professor for Mount Mary University.

Jill has a bit of an unusual career path in that she began in the field of occupational therapy as an occupational therapy assistant (OTA) and later went back to school to earn a Master's degree in occupational therapy, after which she worked as an occupational therapist. On this episode, she shares about that journey including how her experience and training in OTA versus OT school compared, and we talk about what "the secret sauce" of a successful OT/OTA partnership is. Resources from this episode can be found at

The Benefits of Out-of-the-Box Interventions for People with Parkinson's Disease (Episode 53)

Listen to The Benefits of Out-of-the-Box Interventions for People with Parkinson's Disease (Episode 53)Have you heard of the Rock Steady Boxing movement among people with Parkinson's Disease? On this episode, occupational therapy assistant Stephanie Smith Goodman from Kansas City, Missouri, talks about that program as well as other non-traditional, out-of-the-box type of intervention approaches and ideas being used to benefit people with PD. As a coach at The Parkinson's Exercise & Wellness Center in Overland Park, Kansas, a Rock Steady Boxing Certified Trainer, a yoga instructor of 20+ years, a professionally-trained theatre actor/director, and a recently trained instructor in Tai Chi for Rehabilitation, Stephanie has a unique background and perspective and brings a multi-faceted approach to the battle against Parkinson's Disease.

Access the resources mentioned on this episode and connect with Stephanie at

Using Integrative Medicine as a Tool in Occupational Therapy Practice (Episode 52)

Listen to Using Integrative Medicine as a Tool in Occupational Therapy Practice (Episode 52)Allyson Chrystal is an occupational therapist and clinical instructor specializing in pediatrics. Allyson has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the University of Georgia, a master's degree in occupational therapy from Midwestern University, and a master's degree in functional medicine and clinical nutrition from the University of Western States. She serves as the clinical director at Westside Children's Therapy, a pediatric rehabilitation company with outpatient clinics in the Chicago suburbs. In her clinical work and research, Allyson has focused on sensory integration and self-regulation in children with behavioral and developmental disorders. More recently, she has expanded her work with self-regulation to typically developing children and adolescents as well as using her knowledge in the area of functional medicine as a tool in her practice as an OT practitioner.

Using Mindfulness & Meditation in OT to Target Children's Mental Health (Episode 51)

Listen to Using Mindfulness & Meditation in OT to Target Children's Mental Health (Episode 51)Andrea Ball is an occupational therapist who owns and runs a pediatric therapy clinic called Play Ball Children's Therapy. Andrea is a 2005 graduate of the OT program at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN, and has experience working in home health, schools, and outpatient settings. One of the areas of expertise she has developed in her role as an OT practitioner centers on the use of mindfulness and meditation as a therapeutic tool. Andrea serves as co-facilitator for the Tennessee Occupational Therapy Association's pediatric community of practice. She has hosted workshops in the community on the topics of mindfulness and meditation and is currently participating in research on these topics. Andrea is passionate about the role of OT in facilitating emotional mental health and wants to help physicians and others understand more about the role of OT practitioners in pediatric mental health. To learn how to connect with Andrea and to access the resources mentioned on this episode, visit

Recruitment & Support of Prospective Occupational Therapy Students (Episode 50)

Listen to Recruitment & Support of Prospective Occupational Therapy Students (Episode 50)Alexia Rebne, MS, OTR/L, has been a registered occupational therapist since 2008. In clinical settings, she has primarily worked with clients receiving post-acute rehabilitation and home health services. Since 2010, Lexi has been employed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison as the Occupational Therapy Program Admissions Coordinator and an intermittent lecturer. Lexi is also currently enrolled in the post-professional Doctor of Occupational Therapy (OTD) Program at UW-Madison. In addition, she plays a leadership role in the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD) and is a champion of the benefits of networking and connecting with pre-occupational therapy students (i.e. prospective OT students) as well as current students and OT practitioners.

The Role of Occupational Therapy Within the Homeless Population (Episode 49)

Listen to The Role of Occupational Therapy Within the Homeless Population (Episode 49)Quinn Tyminski, OTD, OTR/L is an instructor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. She earned her master’s degree in occupational therapy from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012 and a post-professional occupational therapy doctorate (OTD) from Saint Louis University in 2017. Quinn’s scholarly work focuses on clinical research and assessment development in community-based mental health practice. Prior to joining the program at Wash U as an instructor in fall of 2017, she gained clinical experience practicing with individuals living with mental illness in both inpatient and community-based settings, as well as individuals experiencing homelessness and incarcerated individuals. Her current research interests focus on occupational therapy program development and assessment within a local homeless shelter, and as part of that effort she is working to more clearly define the role of occupational therapy within the homeless population through the use of a student-run clinic as a means to provide services and the importance dark/non-sanctioned occupations in occupational therapy practice within community-based populations.

To access resources discussed on this episode, visit the website at

Learning About Deaf Culture (Episode 48)

Listen to Learning About Deaf Culture (Episode 48)You might have come across a video clip making the rounds on social media that shows an adult daughter using sign language to have a conversation with her mom who has dementia. The two are in a car and the exchange between them is really animated and affectionate. On this episode, the daughter from that video, sign-language interpreter MJ Grant, shares about her experiences growing up as part of the deaf culture in a family as a child of deaf adults (CODA). In addition, she talks about serving as a caregiver in recent years for her mom and her dad who has progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). Follow MJ via her YouTube channel to view this video and others:

An OT Student Learns by Serving as a Caregiver (Episode 47)

Listen to An OT Student Learns by Serving as a Caregiver (Episode 47)In an On The Air first, host Stephanie Lancaster interviews OT student Sarah Caldwell about Sarah's experiences in OT school, including her work as a caregiver for a man with ALS. Sarah is a third-year OT student - she'll graduate in May 2019 - from Memphis, TN. She earned a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Kinesiology from Mississippi College prior to beginning OT school at UTHSC in January of 2017. Sarah plans to work in the Memphis area in an inpatient adult setting upon graduation. She is passionate about increasing OT's role in the treatment of ALS, advocating for increased awareness of how ALS affects those who are diagnosed and their loved ones, and helping adults live life to their fullest despite any obstacles that they face.

Whistleblowers (Episode 46)

Listen to Whistleblowers (Episode 46)Two topics in the healthcare field that are rarely discussed are fraud and reporting fraud. In 2015, the guests on this episode, OT practitioners LeeAnn Holt and Kristi Emerson, were faced with a situation in their jobs that resulted in their making a report of fraud leading to a federal lawsuit being file against the company they worked for. Following that, both were terminated from their positions, which pushed them into the role of whistleblowers. On this episode of On The air, LeeAnn and Kristi share about that experience and talk about what has happened in their careers and in their lives since that time.

The Role of OT in Vestibular Rehab (Episode 45)

Listen to The Role of OT in Vestibular Rehab (Episode 45)Occupational therapist Dr. Lee Williams, who has been practicing as an OT for 24 years, explains the role that occupational therapy plays in vestibular rehabilitation. In addition, he talks about his decision to pursue a post-professional doctorate in OT and his foray into academia. In addition to vestibular rehab, Dr. Williams has clinical experience in speciality areas of practice including adult rehabilitation, adaptive technology, and work hardening and holds specialty certifications in FCE and employment-testing as well as specialized expertise in vestibular rehab.

Diversity & Inclusion in Occupational Therapy (Episode 44)

Listen to Diversity & Inclusion in Occupational Therapy (Episode 44)Lauren Jones, MS, OTR/L is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill's Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program. She is currently the Social Media Co-chair and a board member for the North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association (NCOTA), where she uses social media to connect with and educate OT practitioners, educators, and students across the state about issues and opportunities affecting the profession. Lauren has previously served AOTA in multiple capacities, including roles as a representative to the Assembly of Student Delegates, an intern for the Education SIS and Special Interest Section Internship Program Working Group members. Additionally, she is part of the 2016-17 cohort of the AOTA Emerging Leaders Development Program. Lauren is also active in the therapy blogging community and has shared valuable information for potential OT and OTA students as well as practicing clinicians on her blog, Gotta Be OT (

Lauren joined the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD) in 2016 and now serves as the Secretary and Editor of the quarterly COTAD Courier newsletter. She is active in promoting the conversation of diversity and inclusion through social media and in her community, and she is passionate about helping achieve COTAD's mission in the years to come. On this episode of On the Air, Lauren talks about the path that led her into the field of OT, her experience as an OT, and her work with COTAD.

Holistic & Inclusive Occupational Therapy Education (Episode 43)

Listen to Holistic & Inclusive Occupational Therapy Education (Episode 43)Cheryl Lucas is an occupational therapist with over 30 years of experience in the field. She has worked as a clinician and an administrator in the areas of neuro-rehabilitation, orthopedics, home health, and pediatrics and has been working in academia 5 years ago. Since that time, Cheryl has added cultural humility training into the OT curriculum in the program where she teaches, focusing on student self-assessment in the areas of white privilege and unconscious bias and its effect on client treatment. As graduate coordinator, she has used a holistic approach to admissions and admitted a cohort of very diverse students for the first time into the program. This adds to the educational experience of all students and reflects the current U.S. population students will be treating upon graduation. She recently presented her dissertation work on the academic experiences of occupational therapists of color at the World Federation of Occupational Therapy Conference held in Cape Town, South Africa.

On this episode, Cheryl shares about why she is passionate about inclusiveness in OT education and her research and work in targeting implicit bias, marginalization and racism through promoting cultural humility, inclusiveness, and universal design for learning (UDL) in OT education.

Fellowships in Occupational Therapy (Episode 42)

Listen to Fellowships in Occupational Therapy (Episode 42)On this episode, occupational therapists Kim Solondz and Lily Gullion talk about the ins and outs fellowship opportunities in the field of occupational therapy. Kim is the discipline director and pediatric fellowship director of occupational therapy at the Institute on Development & Disability at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, OR, and Lily is a new grad OT and the current pediatric occupational therapy fellow at OHSU. Accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) in 2016, the pediatric OT fellowship at OHSU is designed to provide mentorship in advanced clinical skills in inter-professional practice, leadership enhancement, and research development. More information about the fellowship including how to apply can be found at

The Magic of OT & the Role of OT in Hospice and Palliative Care (Episode 41)

Listen to The Magic of OT & the Role of OT in Hospice and Palliative Care (Episode 41)Courney Sasse, PhD, MA EDL, MS, OTR/L, MA DPS, CDWF, is an occupational therapist specializing in mental health and geriatrics, with specific expertise in hospice and palliative care. A faculty member in the Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, TN, Courtney earned a PhD in Depth Psychology with a Specialization in Somatic Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California in 2018. She earned a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Troy University in 2003 and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of South Alabama in 2011. In 2014, she graduated with a Master of Arts in Somatic Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Courtney’s area of expertise is mental health and geriatric practice. She holds certification as a Death Vigil Doula through the International End of Life Doula Association, and she is also a certified Daring Way ™ Facilitator. She has written, received, and facilitated grants through the Florida Department of Corrections, the Department of Education, and a variety of public and private foundations, including The Florida Governor’s Family Literacy Initiative and The Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation. Her other publications include multiple chapters related to her areas of interest in Occupational Therapy in Community-Based Practice Settings, 2nd Edition. Additionally, she is the author of the Supplementary Instructor’s Guides for Kids Can Be Kids: A Childhood Occupations Approach and for Occupational Therapy in Community-Based Practice Settings, 2nd Edition.

On this episode of On The air, Courtney shares about her path into OT and into her specialty areas of practice including her work as a certified Death Vigil Doula. We talk about how OT can often seem almost like "magic," and Courtney offers suggestions for ways to learn more about serving consumers as an OT in hospice and palliative care.

Practical Advice from "The Practical OT" (Episode 40)

Listen to Practical Advice from "The Practical OT" (Episode 40)Christopher Nahrwold, OTR/L, graduated from the University of Indianapolis in 2001and has worked as an occupational therapist at St. Vincent Health since 2002. His main interests include neurological rehabilitation, fieldwork education, and learning how to apply modern research into everyday OT practice. On this episode of On The air, Chris explains how having open heart surgery has impacted his career as an OT and talks about developing and launching his blog and his Facebook Page, The Practical Occupational Therapist, through which he serves the OT community by providing resources such as treatment guides and establishing a virtual space for professional to connect and collaborate.

Gaming as a Therapeutic Tool (Episode 39)

Listen to Gaming as a Therapeutic Tool (Episode 39)Kaitlyn Jones is a recent graduate of the University of Scranton with a Master's Degree in occupational therapy. She is passionate about research and accessible technology, specifically adapted video gaming for veterans with limb loss and the impact that re-engagement in game play has on one's quality of life after traumatic injury. She serves as the Director of Clinical Outreach for Warfighter Engaged, a 501(c) non-profit organization that custom-adapts video game controllers for veterans who have sustained traumatic injuries. Kaitlyn recently accepted a role as a member of Microsoft's hardware research team where she will help to inform and aid in accessibility efforts at the industry level.

On this episode of On the Air, Kaitlyn talks about her path into the profession, her experience with and passion for assistive technology, and her work with Microsoft.

Army OT Guy (Episode 38)

Listen to Army OT Guy (Episode 38)As an occupational therapist in the U.S. Army for more than ten years, Major Erik Johnson was instrumental in the care for service members who had sustained devastating physical, cognitive and mental health injuries during combat operations. He was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for his work with brain injuries while deployed to Afghanistan. Erik currently serves as an occupational therapist working inpatient rehab and acute care at Baylor, Scott & White Medical Center in Waco, Texas. He also serves as the Chief Medical Officer for Warfighter Engaged and Operation Supply Drop, two organizations that support military service members across the spectrum of care.

On this episode, Erik shares about his experiences as an OT including how he uses gaming as a therapeutic medium and his work with non-profit organizations. You can learn more about Erik by visiting his blog, Army OT Guy, at and his website,

Confluence & Occupational Adaptation (Episode 37)

Listen to Confluence & Occupational Adaptation (Episode 37)Occupational therapist Lenin C. Grajo, PhD, EdM, OTR/L, talks about his work in the area of Occupational Adaptation, the role of OT in literacy, and his efforts to promote diversity and cultural competence in the occupational therapy profession.

Dr. Grajo serves in several leadership positions including as the Chairperson of AOTA's Education Special Interest Section and Director of the post-professional OTD program at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York. He has taught in the Philippines as well as in various locations in the U.S. In addition, he is author and co-editor of the recently published book "Adaptation through Occupation: Multidimensional Perspectives." A pediatric occupational therapist in practice, he is a strong advocate of evidence-informed, occupation-based, theory-guided, client-centered, and occupational justice–promoting occupational therapy service provision.

Professional Growth in OT School and Beyond (Episode 36)

Listen to Professional Growth in OT School and Beyond (Episode 36)Debora Davidson, an occupational therapist whose career spans 4 decades as an OT practitioner, academic educator, and consultant, is the founder of a website called Authentic Occupational Therapy, Inc. She currently lives in a suburb of Chicago, IL and enjoys caring for her young granddaughter, kayaking and going to rock, jazz and blues performances with her husband, Ken.

On this episode of On the Air, Deborah and Stephanie talk about ways to get the most from an OT education. If you're an aspiring or a current OT student, this one's for you; if you're an OT practitioner, we'd be interested to get your input on the ideas we share on today's show; please reach out to comment on the website - - after you listen if you'd like to share your advice to prospective or current OT students.

Starting a Non-Profit Organization (Episode 35)

Listen to Starting a Non-Profit Organization (Episode 35)Angela Box, an occupational therapist who works for the school district in Oxford, MS, runs a nonprofit organization called Oxford Special Needs Creations. On this episode, Angie shares about how she got the idea behind that organization, how she created the group, and what the group is doing in the community where she lives and works.

When Things Just "Click" (Episode 34)

Listen to When Things Just "Click" (Episode 34)Occupational therapist Guili Krug is the founding program director and a professor in the Program in Occupational Therapy at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, TX. She has been an OT for 29 years and has worked across many practice settings with varied populations, but her clinical passion is in adult neurorehabilitation. Guili has been an OT educator for over 20 years. On this episode, I talk about how I met Guili, and she shares about her path into the field of OT and into academia. We reminisce about our days as OT students, and Guili recalls an experience she had on Level II fieldwork that left a big impression on her.

Full Circle (Episode 33)

Listen to Full Circle (Episode 33)Karen Frank Barney, an occupational therapist with over 50 years of experience in practice and higher education, is the guest on this episode entitled "Full Circle" because Dr. Barney was one of the OT educators who taught Stephanie Lancaster, the host of this podcast, when Stephanie was in OT school. Dr. Barney has worked in a variety of medical and community settings in Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri, and Guatemala, providing direct aging system services and consultation. She has taught in university settings for 38 years, served as primary faculty for the aging-related courses in three university programs, and served as the occupational therapy discipline expert for the Geriatric Education Center (GEC) at Saint Louis University for 22 years. She is the Founder of the Transformative Justice Initiative at Saint Louis University, currently working with justice systems to improve processes, programs, policies and outcomes.

On this episode, Dr. Barney looks back at the start of her career into the field of OT and recounts about her experiences across different settings including academia. She shares about her work with the Transformative Justice Initiative as well as her passion for social justice and servant leadership.

Developing as a Leader (Episode 32)

Listen to Developing as a Leader (Episode 32)Alondra Ammon, an occupational therapist who entered the field of OT as a first-generation Salvadorean/Haitian American and a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, talks about developing as a leader through activities in OT school and in the community, via presenting at professional conferences, and as a participant in the American Occupational Therapy Association's Emerging Leaders Development Program. She also shares about her work on projects that raise awareness on the importance of creating a culturally diverse and inclusive workforce to better serve clients, along with addressing topics that relate to underrepresented practitioners within the profession.

Challenging One's Mindset: Debriefing after WFOT Congress (Episode 31)

Listen to Challenging One's Mindset: Debriefing after WFOT Congress (Episode 31)Jami Flick and Orli Weisser-Pike, occupational therapists who attended and presented at the World Federation of Occupational Therapy (WFOT) Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in May 2018, share about their experiences leading up to and attending and presenting at the conference. (On a side note, Jami and Orli are the first repeat-guests on this show!)

Driving Rehab (Episode 30)

Listen to Driving Rehab (Episode 30)Occupational therapist and driving rehab specialist Susie Touchinsky talks about her role as an OT with a specialty certification in driving rehab. She shares about how she found out about OT (shout out to all the high school guidance counselors out there who know about OT!!) and her passion for providing exceptional care for all drivers through work with clients in her private practice, contributing to the field and the community through her advocacy efforts, and sharing her knowledge with others through lectures, publications, presentations, volunteer work, and educational offerings. See the show notes at

Engagement with the OT Community (Episode 29)

Listen to Engagement with the OT Community (Episode 29)Jessica Kersey and Natalie Barnes, hosts of the Glass Half Full podcast, are the guests on this episode. Jess and Natalie talk about how engagement in the occupational therapy community helps to shape one's career through inspiration, education, support, and mentorship. They talk about how they met and how they started their podcast as well as their passions and how that relates to what each of them is currently doing in the field.

Occupation Centered Practice (Episode 28)

Listen to Occupation Centered Practice (Episode 28)Occupational therapist Mandy Chamberlain shares about her passion for working with the older adult population and her work as the founder of, host of the podcast Seniors Flourish, and as a mentor new grads and OT students through her membership site, The Learning Lab. She also discusses her dedication to helping other OT practitioners working with older adults be the best they can be through education, resources, tips and videos.

Sharing Resources (Episode 27)

Listen to Sharing Resources (Episode 27)London-based occupational therapist Tara Whiteford talks about her work as the co-founder and co-owner of Look Hear Australia, a free resource library for allied health professionals and families of children with unique educational and healthcare needs. She reveals about how Look Hear Australia was formed, how it got its name, and what the vision and mission of the organization is as well as how others can connect and share resources through the group.

Trusting the Process (Episode 26)

Listen to Trusting the Process (Episode 26)Tamara Calhoun discusses the processes leading her into practice as an OT in acute care, to her decision to pursue a post-professional OTD, and to her research, which centers on increasing cultural competency among rehabilitation professionals in order to better serve the African American community.

Defensive Documentation (Episode 25)

Listen to Defensive Documentation (Episode 25)Jill M. Steinburg is an attorney specializing in litigation in the field of medical malpractice, nursing home liability, product liability, and premises liability. She has over 30 years of experience in the field and through her work has gained considerable insight into the documentation practices of OT practitioners and other healthcare professionals. On this episode, Jill discusses the importance of documenting observations and care in specific ways, both for continuity of care and to avoid lawsuits.

Community-based Practice (Episode 24)

Listen to Community-based Practice (Episode 24)Nerida Hyett is an OT working as a lecturer in the OT program at La Trobe University Bendigo in Victoria, Australia. She has worked in community health, alcohol and drug services, youth mental health, and project management. Nerida's research is in the area of consumer and community participation, and she is developing a model of community-centered practice for use in OT. On this episode, she discusses her path into the profession of occupational therapy and her work and research in community-based practice.