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Making Space

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It is important to make space in your mind for both negative and positive emotions especially emotions that you may feel during the COVID-19 quarantine. We hope you all are safe and stay healthy!


The 'Rona

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Praveen and Shane continue to talk about their daily struggles with COVID-19 as well as share some of the positives during this pandemic. How does this current epidemic make you feel? Are you being honest with how you feel by talking to someone? If you don't have anyone to talk to, let us know! We love you and we want to listen to you!

That Quarantine Life Tho'

Listen to That Quarantine Life Tho'

Praveen and Shane share their thoughts about today's new normal of being in quarantine due to COVID-19. We encourage you to also talk to someone you love about your feelings and thoughts about being in quarantine and/or the effects of COVID-19 rather than internalizing it.

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Love and Leftovers

Listen to Love and Leftovers

Praveen and Shane dive into relationships as one transition into young adulthood. They also share personal accounts of low self-esteem, insecurities, and co-dependency throughout past relationships.


Mom Said, "Don't Date in High School"

Listen to Mom Said, "Don't Date in High School"

Relationships for a teenager can be tough. We discuss generational differences in dating in high school as well as understand why Shane's mom didn't want him to date during high school. #gettingthatAgrade

We also officially reveal our new name!

Listen to find out!


Positive Anxiety? Huh?

Listen to Positive Anxiety? Huh?

Anxiety can have positive benefits? How? Let us share our knowledge with you!

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#coffeeclub // Music on a Sunday Morning

Listen to #coffeeclub // Music on a Sunday Morning

It's healthy to stay in tune with your occupations (meaningful activities). Praveen and Shane travel to Bean Coffee Roasters (Wildomar, CA) for this week's podcasts episode about not only trying new occupations but nurturing past/current ones to promote positive mental health. Email:

Be Different, Be Nice

Listen to Be Different, Be Nice

How do we promote a positive of self-esteem in ourselves when we can be bombarded by negativity?

I'm Too Sexy

Listen to I'm Too Sexy

Many individuals suffer from unhealthy levels of self-esteem. Let's uncover some fascinating facts about this topic! For feedback and/or questions, please email us at 

Coping with the Unknown

Listen to Coping with the Unknown

How to cope with the anxiety of the unknown as well as how not to internalize your emotions. For feedback and/or questions, please email us at 

My Dog Is Anxious and So Am I

Listen to My Dog Is Anxious and So Am I

Symptoms of anxiety and characteristics that you and your dog might have. For feedback and/or questions, please email us at 

The Asian "F"

Listen to The Asian "F"

With great power comes great anxiety! For feedback and/or questions, please email us at 

Introduction to the Boys

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It's a pleasure to meet you! For feedback and/or questions, please email us at 

Connect with the Human

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The core of holistic patient care. For feedback and/or questions, please email us at